Specialized springs

We produce cylindrical screw springs for compression, stretching, torsion, as well as plate springs for specialized, non-standard, and experimental equipment, transport, devices, and mechanisms. From a single copy to a serial batch. Based on the customer’s drawings, parameters, or sample. At the customer’s request, we apply the necessary coating – enamel PF-115, lacquer with aluminum powder, galvanization (white, rainbow) and other types of coatings.

  • Springs of machines, installations, vibrators
  • Hoisting equipment springs
  • Springs of special automotive, road, and construction equipment
  • Reinforced springs of armored vehicles
  • Vibration insulator springs
  • Cement mixer springs, cement stations
  • Shut-off springs
  • Furniture fitting springs
  • Gate springs, doors
  • Springs for children’s playgrounds (balancers, swings)