About us

The range of products of the company includes thousands of springs of different shapes, sizes, and applications, and is constantly expanding by the requirements of the market. Production of springs according to the drawings available in the base of the enterprise, drawings of the customer, according to the provided model or parameters.

Springs for heavy machinery, metallurgical and coke-chemical industries, mining and mining equipment, agricultural machinery, elevator equipment, pipeline suspension springs, ratchet springs, crushers, vibrolites, trampoline springs, springs for children’s play complexes, Safety coils for high-pressure hoses, etc.

We produce cylindrical compression, stretching, torsion, any geometric dimensions, and configurations from a circle of 0.5 to 50 mm in diameter, according to the drawings, drawings of the customer, or according to the model provided by the enterprise.

The company also manufactures disc springs, flat springs – from different grades of steel, thickness from 1 to 24 mm.


Our mission is to provide all branches of industry with the highest quality springs under the most advantageous conditions. Production of quality products with minimum value and high wages for workers.




Constant evaluation of the product market makes it possible to identify its needs and expand the product coverage



Continuous improvement of production methods reduces costs and improves product quality;



The timely modernization and renewal of the machine tool fleet makes it possible to increase the volume of output;



The training and motivation of office staff and workers in the workplace increase the productivity and quality of the tasks performed;



The introduction of modern information exchange and document circulation tools structure the business process and allows the company to work as one coherent system.

Company objectives


Market expansion through high-quality products and better cooperation;


Automation and structuring of enterprise business processes;


Creation of a quality product with minimum costs and maximum wages for workers;


Continuous quality control at all stages of production;


Extension of the product range in response to market needs;


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Why are they choosing us


1-All products come with quality certificates

2– High quality European raw materials

3-100% output control of all products

4– Individual approach to non-standard springs


1– Minimum spring prices

2– Deferred payment for regular customers

3– Warehouse work on a fee-free basis

4– Delivery to any point world

5– Spring covering, galvanizing


1– Shortest order execution time

2– Opening of the order at the customer’s oral request

3– Customer is kept informed of order execution


1– Qualified staff with extensive industry experience

2– Certification of workplaces

3– Modern precision equipment


Springs for various non-standard, specialized, and experimental equipment, from a single copy to serial batches.

The products are manufactured with modern equipment of high-quality hot rolled and calibrated spring steel according to standard EN 10270-1-SM, EN 10270-1-SH, EN 10270-1-DH produced by Germany, Italy. We also use springs bars and wires of 60SiMn5, 51CrV4 (SAE 6150), 60SiCr7(SAE 9262), 55Si7, etc. According to the agreement with the customer, different types of coatings are applied to springs: enamel PF-115, lacquer with aluminum powder, galvanization (white, rainbow), and others.


Product quality and compliance with technological parameters are guaranteed by mandatory testing and technical control, both during the production process and before the final product is shipped to the customer. The product meets the requirements of design, and regulatory documentation.


We offer delivery of the above items in the shortest time, with the highest quality and at the most advantageous conditions.

Our company produces more than 200 types of springs per month. Production of finished products per month – more than 68 tons.At all times there is a stock of raw materials of both domestic and foreign manufacturers in the amount of at least 80 tons.

These numbers are increasing every month!


The products are manufactured on modern equipment from high-quality hot-rolled and calibrated spring steel according to the EN 10270 standard made in Germany, Italy, and Turkey. Also in our production we use spring rods and wires of brands 60S2A, 50HFA, 60S2HFA, 65G, 30X13, 40X13, 12X18H10T and others. By agreement with the customer, various types of coatings are applied to the springs: PF-115 enamel, varnish with aluminum powder, galvanized c9xr – c30xr (white, rainbow) and others.