Piping poles

Piping supports and suspensions

Piping supports and suspensions are parts intended for fixing and installing fixed piping. Poles are one of the basic elements present in almost all types of pipelines:
gas pipelines;
Engineering communications of the Khzhkh;
industrial pipeline. There are several types of supports, which are applied depending on the type of pipeline and the need to perceive the weight of the pipeline, or the fixation, or the free movement of the pipeline through the support platform.
Classification of supports:
Movable supports (sliding, rolling, ball, spring, frontal guides). Movable supports supporting the pipeline system do not prevent the displacement of the pipes, contributing to the natural distribution of temperature deformations.
Fixed supports (welded, collar, stout). Fixed piping supports are used for mounting above-ground and underground pipelines and are intended for the perception of vertical, horizontal, and vibration loads from pipelines.
Depending on the operating conditions, supports are made of different materials. In the temperate regions according to GOST 15150-69 the main material is carbon steel. In the case of the use of poles in cold climates according to GOST 15150-69, low-alloy structural steel is used.
There are a large number of normative documents (Series 5.903-13 Production of 8-95 Pipelines supports are movable, Series 5.903-13 Production of 7-95 Pipelines supports are stationary), on which supports and pipelines suspension are made. They usually specify the types of piping for which the supports are intended, the dimensions of the piping supports, the permissible loads for the supports, including the friction coefficients of the sliding supports.
Main standards for pipeline support:
OST 36 94-83 Details of steel pipelines. Supports are movable.
OST 36-146-88 Supports steel process pipelines for PN up to 10 MPa
GOST 14911-82 Movable supports.
GOST 16127-70 Pipeline hangers
Series 4.903-10 Issue 1 Cover – T.94
Series 4.903-10 Outlet 4 fixed pipe supports
Series 4.903-10 Outlet 5 movable pipeline supports
Series 4.903-10 release 6 suspended pipeline supports
Series 5.900-7 Steel pipe structure supports
Series 5.903-13 Issue 8-95 Movable pipeline supports
Series 5.903-13 Issue 7-95 Fixed pipe supports
OST 34-10-610-93 Fixed supports for vertical ducts.
OST 34-10-611-93 Two-roller block.
OST 34-10-612-93 Roller spring block.
OST 34-10-615-93 Fixed and sliding supports.
OST 34-10-616-93 Fixed and welded sliding bearings.
OST 34-10-617-93 Clamp sliding supports.
OST 34-10-618-93 Clamp fixed supports.
OST 34-10-619-93 Roller supports.
OST 34-10-620-93 Fixed and sliding supports with guide yoke.
OST 34-10-621-93 Supports for welded bends.
OST 34-10-622-93 Tubular support of steeply curved bends.
OST 34-10-623-93 Sliding fixed supports.
OST 34-10-724-93 Welded suspension block for horizontal pipelines.
OST 34-10-725-93 Clamp suspension block for horizontal pipelines.
OST 34-10-726-93 Suspension block with the support beam.
OST 34-10-727-93 Welded block.
OST 34-10-728-93 Clamp block.
OST 34-10-729-93 Suspension block with an eyelet.
OST 34-10-730-93 Suspension block with shackle.
OST 34-10-731-93 Suspension block.
OST 34-10-732-93 Block with a traverse.
OST 34-10-735-93 Clamps.
OST 34-10-736-93 Clamps.
OST 34-10-737-93 Support beams.
OST 34-10-739-93 Threaded rods with coupling.
OST 34-10-740-93 Fastening blocks.
OST 34-10-742-93 Articulated rods.
OST 34-10-743-93 Spring blocks.
OST 34-10-744-93 Double spring blocks.
OST 34-10-745-93 Spring blocks.
OST 24.125.111-01 Suspended spring block.
OST 24.125.112-01 Suspended spring block.
OST 24.125.113-01 Clamp block.
OST 24.125.114-01 Semi-couplers.
OST 24.125.116-01 Clamp blocks with a traverse.
OST 24.125.117-01 Welded clamps.
OST 24.125.118-01 Clamp hangers with lugs on the support beam.
OST 24.125.124-01 Support beams for springs.
OST 24.125.119-01 Bodies on a support beam with lugs.
OST 24.125.120-01 Semi-couplers for yoke supports.
OST 24.125.122-01 Clamp spring hangers on a support beam.
OST 24.125.123-01 casings for springs on a support beam.
OST 108.275.24-80 – OST 108.764.01-80 Group of support standards for TPP and NPP
NTS 65-06 Issue 1 movable and fixed supports for pipelines in PPU
012. RD-001.003.04 Sliding supports for laying pipelines in canals or above ground.
Album PPCh 1-96
SK 2109-92 Clamp support
SK 2410-94 Clamp support
TS-730.00 Sliding clamp support
TS-731.00 Sliding clamp support
TS-732.00 Sliding clamp dielectric support
TS-733.00 Sliding clamp dielectric support
TS-734.00 Sliding clamp dielectric support
313.TC-008.000 Sliding clamp support

Series 1-487-1997.00.00 for pipe supports in polyurethane foam insulation
Standard STO 79814898 Supports of pipelines.