Company «NPC «Vitus» is a team of young, active, and enthusiastic professionals. We are convinced that working in our company is a worthy experience to be proud of.

«UKRAINIAN SPRINGS OF EUROPEAN QUALITY».This slogan applies not only to the products we produce but also to the employees we employ. We are constantly improving working conditions, trying to bring them to the European level. The introduction of the 5C system, the certification of jobs, the continuous training of staff, the spacious modern office, the automation of workplaces, and the electronic workflow are steps that bring us closer to the level of a European company. In 2018 our company received an award from the North Donetsk Urban Employment Center for the implementation of the state program of employment and creation of new jobs.

We appreciate the contribution of every employee of our company and offer to develop with us.

We are interested in hiring engineers and workers in the field of mechanical engineering and metalworking, as well as office workers.

We are looking for employees in the following fields:

  • Thermal – experience for three years;
  • Tokar – experience from year to year;
  • Hydraulic – press equipment, machines;
  • Spring machine operator – experience from year to year;
  • Sales manager with experience in a similar industry;
  • Procurement Manager – experience from year to year;
Іногороднім працівникам оплачується проїзд.

If you have a gift or talent in metalworking, constructing various machines, tools, and equipment and are ready to work with your head and hands, please send a summary marked «Development».

If you want to work in our team, send your resume to your e-mail address and we will contact you with