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Our plant occupies a leading position in the production of screw and plate springs for various industries and the national economy.

About company

The range of products of the company includes thousands of springs of different shapes, sizes, and applications, and is constantly expanding by the requirements of the market. Production of springs according to the drawings available in the base of the enterprise, drawings of the customer, according to the provided model or parameters.

Springs for various non-standard, specialized, and experimental equipment, from a single copy to serial batches.

Quality policy

The quality policy is a priority element of the general policy of the Company and is defined by the words of the great industrialist of his time G.Ford «Quality is doing anything right, even when no one is looking».

The main objectives and strategies of our company in the field of quality:


Establishment of a quality control system for products;


Organization of controls at all stages of production, from the moment the wire enters the warehouse to the moment the order, is issued;


Modernization of equipment and prevention of breakdowns to prevent interruption of one production cycle;


Monitoring and control of the operation of springs at the customer’s site;


Immediate response to customer’s wishes in the field of quality and technical details of the production of a particular spring


Ensure the Company’s operation by the requirements and recommendations of the International Standard ISO 9001:2000;

Company objectives


Market expansion through high-quality products and better cooperation;а;


Automation and structuring of enterprise business processes;


Creation of a quality product with minimum costs and maximum wages for workers;


Continuous quality control at all stages of production;


Extension of the product range in response to market needs;


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